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Welcome to Lake Adelle Sewer District!

At Lake Adelle Sewer District, we take pride in serving the Lake Adelle Community in Jefferson County, MO. Our dedicated team is committed to providing efficient sewer services and maintaining a high standard of customer satisfaction.

Our Board Members:

We are fortunate to have 5 outstanding Board Members who are deeply invested in this community. Their collective expertise and commitment ensure that our district operates smoothly and meets the needs of our residents. We value transparency and community involvement, which is why we hold meetings quarterly.

Community Meetings:

Our meetings are open to all community members, as we believe in the power of collaboration and collective decision-making. During these gatherings, we discuss various issues and seek input from the community to identify areas for improvement. We encourage you to join us and have your voice heard. If you are interested in attending the next meeting, please contact our president, Marianne Austin, at 314-972-3246. She will provide you with the date and location details.

Continuous Improvements:

At Lake Adelle Sewer District, we understand the importance of maintaining and upgrading our sewer system. Over the past few years, we have invested in upgrading hundreds of feet of main throughout the community. These improvements enhance the reliability and efficiency of our system, ensuring that we meet the evolving needs of our residents.

Online Payments:

To make your experience more convenient, we are proud to announce that we now offer online payments. With this new feature, you can easily pay your sewer bills from the comfort of your own home. Simply visit our website and follow the secure online payment process. We believe in providing modern and user-friendly services to our community, and online payments are just one example of our commitment to convenience.

Please note that Lake Adelle Sewer District operates as a separate entity from Lake Adelle Property Owners Inc. While we focus on sewer services, Lake Adelle Property Owners Inc. oversees matters related to water supply and assessments within the community.

If you require information regarding your water service or have inquiries about assessments, we kindly direct you to the Lake Adelle Property Owners website at There, you can find relevant information and contact details for their board members who will be able to assist you further.

At Lake Adelle Sewer District, we remain committed to providing exceptional sewer services to the Lake Adelle Community. Should you have any questions or concerns related to our sewer system or any sewer-related matters, please don't hesitate to contact us directly. We are here to serve you and ensure the best possible sewer service experience.

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